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STMicroelectronics$ 3.883221035SNAPHAT® Battery/Crystal For SOICfile
STMicroelectronics$ 5.71807923SNAPHAT® 120 mAh lithium coin cell battery with crystalfile
STMicroelectronics$ 6.73508698Real-time Clock and TIMEKEEPER® SNAPHAT® Battery with Crystalfile
Texas Instruments$ 6.039046013SNAPHAT™ with Integrated Battery and Crystalfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.93506126Stand Alone 1cell 3A Fast charger with High input voltage and Power Pathfile
Texas Instruments$ 1.773045661Standalone 1-cell 1.5-A linear battery charger, Power Path, 4.2-V VBAT and 4.4-V VOUTfile
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